Tuesday, November 15, 2016

with gratitude

a trip to the dentist today....these always go well for the kids, with the dental hygienists arguing over who gets to work on true and luca.  today, they split the kids, and each hygienist had an erbeck.  one of them took me aside and said, "it's just so easy and such a pleasure to work on your children.  they are so kind, so agreeable, and always a pleasure. thank you for your hard parenting work".
proud? sure...but also, thankful.  guiding true and luca is a gift to my life.  seeing the world through their eyes has made be more patient, kind, tolerant.  i strive to be just like them every day.

when we arrive at school and it is after bell time, i am required to walk the kids into the office in order to get a pass to class.  we go into the office and a woman starts mercilessly teasing the kids saying now they're in trouble. she teases them for a bit and then  she turns to me, offers her hand, and says "thank you for having such fantastic boys.  i work on the playground and these two are always so kind to all the kids.  they are perfect role models and we really appreciate what they bring to our community.  they make our jobs easier."
after such an emotional week of great loss and sadness and losing my faith in humanity...i broke down into tears.
and now i feel....hope.  if my kids can be caring and loving, so can i.


Gayle Berens said...

Okay, you made me cry too. But it's true what those ladies said. You have great kids that are a pleasure to be with.And I love that they both have a sense of humor. That adds a wonderful dimension to them. Brava and bravo for your work!

Jay said...

Grandpa is with Gayle. Good job.

Matt said...

Well done Tracy...on all fronts.



To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I agree great kids. I had great time hanging out with them last week!