Friday, September 23, 2016

Trip to Tahoe, part II, Adventure!

tahoe trips always involve a little adventure! each year we like to do some of the same stuff and we always work in some new stuff.  our new stuff this year was really cool.....and involved digging up some bravery.  we decided to give tree top ropes courses a try.  i had to dig pretty deep to summon up some courage and i spent the entire time pretending i wasn't nervous. holy cannoli.  i was nervous.  the course is set up as green (easy), blue (getting harder) and black (hardest) diamond.  each level brings you up higher in the trees.  while you are securely harnessed in, and kinda safe, there is still room for injury with errors.  did i mention i was nervous?
this 7 year old...not nervous.  he was a monkey. was rocking black diamonds within 30 minutes of arrival

this 10 year old, like me, cautious

one of the more complicated bridges

like a pro

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