Tuesday, September 27, 2016

tahoe trip, part iv, business as usual

there are some things that we ALWAYS do when we go to tahoe.   that's because we LOVE to do these things, and the tradition is deep with the boys.  it's fun to see how each "same" thing turns out differently from the year before, and how much it stays the "same".
riding at the tahoe city xc center is always a must! here, luca and i found a trail we've never done, FUN!

tahoe without a dinner at Bacchi's would not be a tahoe trip 

"italian dinners" indeed!  meatballs here reign the top of our list

skylandia pier-  we love this "locals" beach

on the long drive home, we stop in ashland, oregon, and stay at the Palm Cottages., complete with a saltwater pool

the kids love dinner at the ashland brewery, and here they talk about how much they miss their dad

missing pictures from other traditions that we ALWAYS do:

  • popsicles (4 a day is the general rule, although colder this year, so one seemed to suffice)
  • putt-putt golf-  the kids insisted on the full course (yawn), which might have been about 10 holes too many.  we'll remember that for next year. 
  • peach pie- grammy always makes a peach pie for the kids.  it was gone before i could take a picture
  • bat watching- the last rays of light in the day are usually spent on the porch, searching for bats

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