Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tahoe Trip, Part I, Crater Lake

summer is not complete without our annual pilgrimage to tahoe.  sometimes aaron can get away to come with us, sometimes he can't.  sadly, this year, he had to stay behind (we blew vacation time on chelan, lake wenatchee, winthrop, two trips to bend...not a bad summer at all!).

while driving to tahoe, we decided to take a little Crater Lake detour-  the kids have never seen this lake and i firmly believe that everybody should see it at least once in their life!   it was funny to explain to true and he actually has been to crater lake a little nugget inside me.  i was likely about 2 weeks pregnant with true the first time i had ever been to the lake (a memorable, but miserable trip for me as i was soooooo sick and could not figure out why!).

the basin was smokey from a fire recently extinguished to the west.  in fact, we came upon fire rangers whose job it is to just go to the lookouts and watch for any possible flare ups.   we ended up talking to these guys for a while, as one of them crawled under our car to dig out gravel that was stuck in the suspension (long story that involves a high pitched squeal that i wanted to ignore....these guys were heroes who figured out the issue and fixed my problem **note to self...always carry a 6-pack in the car to reward heroes in situations like this.  a bag of Pirate Booty doesn't do the trick**).

Luca was terrified of the edge...lots of signs warning people that getting close to will cost them their lives

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