Thursday, June 23, 2016

say good bye to 4th grade!

true is saying farewell to fourth grade (one of his most successful grades yet!).  next year is his last in elementary school (gulp), and he's pretty happy about it, although he is already missing mr.becker, the fabulous teaching assistant.
mr. becker will be teaching in bend, oregon next year...or will he?!  my mischievous almost-a-fifth-grader son asked mr becker to sign a blank piece of paper.  happy to provide his autograph, mr. becker was flattered.  true took the signature and wrote a statement above it, essentially committing becker to foregoing his bend job and staying at greenwood.  it was adorable and true plans to try and hold becker to it.  
true, flanked by teachers goldfarb and becker, with photo-bombing students, tuesday and jade

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