Thursday, June 2, 2016

broken bear

aaron had a little mountain bike crash at the unspectacular as it were.  somebody went down in front of him at the start, and with nowhere to go, aaron went down too.  the other guy was pretty much unscathed, but aaron...oh aaron....his shoulder was out of joint.  it was so obvious, and so unreal looking.  fortunately, the infamous dan norton was on the scene and together with aaron, they popped that shoulder back in.  because aaron was still in a lot of pain, we took him to the ER.  ER is no place for kids, but the boys were awesome and of course, quite concerned.  luca, oh luca, was just so sad.
trail parking lot makeshift sling did the job. 

smiling, wincing at the pain, with a great mini-nurse to help

the ER doc thought the x-ray was unclear, but we've just found out that aaron has a broken glenoid.  as i post, we are waiting to hear if he needs surgery, or if he's just gonna be off the bike for a long time.  either way, it's not awesome!


erbeck family said...

no surgery! at least for now. ortho wants to see how things heal up...

hvk said...

sending healing vibes to Aaron. so sorry you're hurt, dood