Tuesday, June 14, 2016

adventures in chelan

big adventures in chelan for the weekend!  we had a 60 mile mountain bike race planned...and plans changed with aaron's injury.  instead of racing, aaron became the manny... he had 7 kids to watch.  the kids were in heaven- camping in a big open meadow, free from traffic and or any rules-  they were wild. it's what childhood memories are made of, and we are happy to provide the platform.
we rode mountain bikes. watched outdoor movies, ate bad food, and bonus, hit the water slides on the way home.
true, david, luca, will- killing the single track
check out that view!

rubi kid gang at the trailhead

camping at echo ridge ski area

sunburned, sleep deprived, hungry.  perfect

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Gayle Berens said...

You need to add a love button to this blog. The last picture is all love!