Tuesday, May 31, 2016

one decade

true is 10! (and that is amazing to me).  we had a great birthday extravaganza- complete with pizza/movie party at the house and a fantastic weekend of riding adventures in Roslyn and hanging at Alpental with his friends.   we ended the weekend with 22 miles of railroad grade trail, including the spooky 3 miles of cold and dark tunnel to start off the ride (i was scared, really scared, the boys were none of that).

true mccaig erbeck, 10 yrs old, riding his new trailcraft mountain bike
erbeck and stonich goof balls riding trails in roslyn.  this was super fun!

david and true, riding 22 miles and putting the hurt on the adults riding the trail!

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hvk said...

a decade is a big deal!! we feel lucky to have known true since he was zero! ;)