Thursday, May 5, 2016

bike to race day

while it was seattle's *bike to school day*, we decided to make it *bike to race day*.    with highway 99 closed while big bertha tunnels to make way for the underground highway, all north/south traffic is diverted to I5.  this has a huge impact on a already overcrowded highway system, with traffic at its all time worst.   for us, on race night, this means that a normal 20 minute drive turns into 60+ minutes.  we thought it would be better to hang out on a train, then hang out in traffic.
aaron did some scouting last weekend to secure our routing, and with that, we gave this new way of travel a go.
here's how it went down-

  • aaron packs kids/bikes/race stuf (food, water, extra clothing) and drives to UW
  • we unload, hop on bikes (with full backpacks), and ride the short distance to the new UW light rail station (go seattle!)
  • since UW station is the end/start of the line, we easily load and find places to stash bikes. well, kinda.  the cars only have a few hooks/spots (adult bikes went here), so kids bikes went into the handicap seating spots. ( it was only when we were unloading that i read this is not permitted)
  • the train blasts to downtown in 6 minutes!  where, of course, it gets PACKED with people
  • while the trip downtown was incredibly speedy, this is where things slow considerably.  there are many stops downtown and south end seattle
  • at the tukwila station, we unload and take two different elevators to get to street level.  that was slightly time we'll see if we can manage the escalators. 
  • aaron's routing to the race venue was excellent- we were on sidewalk most of the way-  one block of street riding and then through a hole cut into a chain-link fence, and boom, we're practically on the course!
  • we arrived just in time to get the kids into their race- total travel time door to course- 1.5 hours (driving may have been faster.....but we were out for adventure anyway).
the races are over at dark, and we brought lights with us for the return trip to the station, but the stonich family had enough room in their vechicle for our bikes and us.  we took them up on their offer for a ride back to our car as 20 minutes vs another hour (minimum) was a better option in light of school the next morning.  the kids were tired!    we'll do this again, but perhaps wait until summer when we have more light, warmer temps, and no school. 

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To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Nice! Also no bikes on the escalators is another rule!