Wednesday, May 18, 2016

a parade. a birthday. a death.

may 17....not seemingly a big day, right?  but lots of things yesterday on may 17, of great significance.

first up....syttende mai.  norway's independence day.  and, of course, i have boys with norsk blood.
aaron happily took the kids to see the parade in ballard...these boys fit right in with their people.
they were so excited to tell me all about the parade, and that they both plan to be in a marching band.

also, may 17th is my big brother's (not that i have a younger brother) birthday.  my brother and i don't really hang out or see each other, which is sad, but i think we both have come to terms with that.  the important thing is that we love each other, and would be there for one another in a heart beat.  he's a great dad, husband, and from what i can tell, a great all around man.  i'm pretty stoked to call him my brother.  i'm pretty stoked on the life that he has created with his family.  

and lastly, sadly, may 17 is the day that a great musical legend has passed. guy clark could write and sing a song and make you laugh and make you cry.  i would have never known this type of music, if it weren't for aaron playing his albums for the family.  i had held out hope that one day i would take the family to watch guy clark perform...sadly, it was not to be.  aaron and i slow danced in the dining room last night to my favorite guy clark song, anyhow i love you.  for me, the song is a reminder that things happen, but we can never forget that there is love, strong, rooted, unbreakable.  the kids were begging us to stop dancing and they begged us to not promptly kept dancing and kissing.  guy clark, thanks for giving us songs to sing that move us so emotionally.

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Gayle Berens said...

Tracy you're the Guy Clark of blogging!