Tuesday, May 31, 2016

one decade

true is 10! (and that is amazing to me).  we had a great birthday extravaganza- complete with pizza/movie party at the house and a fantastic weekend of riding adventures in Roslyn and hanging at Alpental with his friends.   we ended the weekend with 22 miles of railroad grade trail, including the spooky 3 miles of cold and dark tunnel to start off the ride (i was scared, really scared, the boys were none of that).

true mccaig erbeck, 10 yrs old, riding his new trailcraft mountain bike
erbeck and stonich goof balls riding trails in roslyn.  this was super fun!

david and true, riding 22 miles and putting the hurt on the adults riding the trail!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

these two.

these two boys have no shortage of love and devotion to one another.  their friendship is astounding, each one of them giving to the other in a way that has created a bond that all of us can see.  they share successes and they inspire one another...and in doing so, they inspire those around them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

a parade. a birthday. a death.

may 17....not seemingly a big day, right?  but lots of things yesterday on may 17, of great significance.

first up....syttende mai.  norway's independence day.  and, of course, i have boys with norsk blood.
aaron happily took the kids to see the parade in ballard...these boys fit right in with their people.
they were so excited to tell me all about the parade, and that they both plan to be in a marching band.

also, may 17th is my big brother's (not that i have a younger brother) birthday.  my brother and i don't really hang out or see each other, which is sad, but i think we both have come to terms with that.  the important thing is that we love each other, and would be there for one another in a heart beat.  he's a great dad, husband, and from what i can tell, a great all around man.  i'm pretty stoked to call him my brother.  i'm pretty stoked on the life that he has created with his family.  

and lastly, sadly, may 17 is the day that a great musical legend has passed. guy clark could write and sing a song and make you laugh and make you cry.  i would have never known this type of music, if it weren't for aaron playing his albums for the family.  i had held out hope that one day i would take the family to watch guy clark perform...sadly, it was not to be.  aaron and i slow danced in the dining room last night to my favorite guy clark song, anyhow i love you.  for me, the song is a reminder that things happen, but we can never forget that there is love, strong, rooted, unbreakable.  the kids were begging us to stop dancing and they begged us to not kiss...so....we promptly kept dancing and kissing.  guy clark, thanks for giving us songs to sing that move us so emotionally.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Luca Padawan

this haircut thing just keeps getting better...or worse....but it does make luca happy, and today, finally, he has his Padawan braid.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cedar River Watershed

true's ALO (advanced learning opportunities) class explored the Cedar River Watershed on this gorgeous may afternoon.  the watershed provides drinking water to 70% of seattleites!  i'm really excited to hear all about this cool field trip, and i'm pretty envious that aaron gets to be with the class!

Monday, May 9, 2016

know it all

the washing machine was broken to me today.  lamenting, getting ready to call the repair tech, true tells me he can fix it.  i eyeball roll him, and say, sure, go ahead and give it a try.  so he did.  and he fixed it. it's pretty exciting to have my kids doing things for me that i can't do myself.  complete and total role reversal and i loved it.  and true was extremely proud of himself.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

bike to race day

while it was seattle's *bike to school day*, we decided to make it *bike to race day*.    with highway 99 closed while big bertha tunnels to make way for the underground highway, all north/south traffic is diverted to I5.  this has a huge impact on a already overcrowded highway system, with traffic at its all time worst.   for us, on race night, this means that a normal 20 minute drive turns into 60+ minutes.  we thought it would be better to hang out on a train, then hang out in traffic.
aaron did some scouting last weekend to secure our routing, and with that, we gave this new way of travel a go.
here's how it went down-

  • aaron packs kids/bikes/race stuf (food, water, extra clothing) and drives to UW
  • we unload, hop on bikes (with full backpacks), and ride the short distance to the new UW light rail station (go seattle!)
  • since UW station is the end/start of the line, we easily load and find places to stash bikes. well, kinda.  the cars only have a few hooks/spots (adult bikes went here), so kids bikes went into the handicap seating spots. ( it was only when we were unloading that i read this is not permitted)
  • the train blasts to downtown in 6 minutes!  where, of course, it gets PACKED with people
  • while the trip downtown was incredibly speedy, this is where things slow considerably.  there are many stops downtown and south end seattle
  • at the tukwila station, we unload and take two different elevators to get to street level.  that was slightly annoying...next time we'll see if we can manage the escalators. 
  • aaron's routing to the race venue was excellent- we were on sidewalk most of the way-  one block of street riding and then through a hole cut into a chain-link fence, and boom, we're practically on the course!
  • we arrived just in time to get the kids into their race- total travel time door to course- 1.5 hours (driving may have been faster.....but we were out for adventure anyway).
the races are over at dark, and we brought lights with us for the return trip to the station, but the stonich family had enough room in their vechicle for our bikes and us.  we took them up on their offer for a ride back to our car as 20 minutes vs another hour (minimum) was a better option in light of school the next morning.  the kids were tired!    we'll do this again, but perhaps wait until summer when we have more light, warmer temps, and no school. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

bike to school month!

couldn't ask for a better first day of bike to school month!  sunny and warm, even at 8am.  while we usually don't pay much attention to bike to school month  (the logistics can be challenging and honestly, we all ride all the time and aaron and i don;t feel compelled to add in yet another thing), the kids pleaded.  after all, it's about them, not us, right?