Tuesday, March 29, 2016

warning: do not read this blog post aloud to young kids

first the birds and the bees talk.  and now.... now.... easter bunny and santa. true was not going to leave the room without an answer.  my talking around the subject, indirect answers and non-truthicals...just weren't going to do this time.
and now, he knows all about the easter bunny and santa. and who they really are.
and he's pretty proud of himself for getting it out of me, and he's pretty happy to keep a secret.  and he also told me that i've been doing a really good job over the years of delivering goods that make him happy.

Friday, March 25, 2016

the talk

i had THE TALK last night with the kids.  you know...THE TALK....as in the facts of life, the birds and the bees.  that one.
i didn't start out the evening ready or prepared to have this talk.  it was just an opportunity that presented itself when luca pulled a tampon from purse and asked what it was...and i told them that it would take some time and some explaining and it was adultish, and i asked if they were ready.  yes, they said.
so off it went.
some questions, some answers, some quizzical looks, some pondering...and then after the basics, they asked me to stop.  they had enough.  they weren't horrified, but they were done.

i considered this a victory (although i didn't expect any parenting prizes)...but the victory was in that the conversation was easy, natural and comfortable.  we were all fine.  great, in fact.   it was such a stark difference from the "Facts of Life" talk that my mom gave to me and my brother (which by the way, i was expecting her to teach us to balance the checkbook, not to tell us about things like eggs and sperm and sex  and that she and dad had sex at least twice!).  we never talked about the talk or any details ever again- but i hope i can keep this book open with my own kids, and help them to be responsible, safe, healthy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

greenwood gas explosion

we were shook out of our beds at 1:40 in the morning....a huge "boom" and then the sound of things from the house falling (framed photos from the picture ledge).  i thought for sure it was an earthquake...then i thought maybe a tree fell onto the house....then i thought maybe it was a bomb.  luca slept through the entire thing, true briefly woke up....he told me if it was an earthquake not to worry because the aftershock wouldn't be too bad, then he promptly feel back asleep.
neither aaron nor i could go to sleep until we could figure out what was up.  it took a while for us to get information....but an entire building was leveled just 4 blocks away.  neptune coffee, mr gyros, and a convenience mart.  the explosion sent 9 firefighters to the hospital...and amazingly, all  are ok.  it's hard to believe that there were no lives lost.  the picture below aaron took this morning at 5am.  as of 8:30am, the fire is still smoldering.

Monday, March 7, 2016

luca and ruby

luca loves, loves, loves babies and little kids.  he has been patiently waiting to hold ruby ruth alford for months.  ruby is now strong enough, and luca brave enough....and he held her not once, but twice.  he also gave her his favorite bunny to hold.  despite the slightly frightened look on her face, she seemed pretty happy on luca's lap.