Thursday, February 25, 2016

valentine's day

we love celebrating vday-  with the kids of course!   although on the actual date, we were too busy to have our family party, we didn't let the "holiday" pass without an official erbeck party, on the 15th.
the kids spent the day cleaning the house and decorating.
here's the table:

then, they "dressed fancy", their idea, complete with ties and hats.  they met dad at the door to act as butlers, offering to take and hang his coat, as well as place his briefcase (a rapha laptop close to a briefcase as a.aron will ever get) in place.  they directed dad into the kitchen to have an appetizer.

we always get small gifts for the boys, this year they got books and luca a small fuzzy bunny to be a brother to his existing fuzzy bunny.

luca gave us paper hearts in rainbow colors, and true made us each a scroll, with a few paragraphs of why he loves each of us.  it was, of course, completely darling and just about the best present ever.

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heidi said...

oh my god --- they are the sweetest !!!