Wednesday, February 10, 2016

the dark side

i love valentine's day.  and i love coming up with crafting stuff for the kids to make all their cards for school parties.  i feel pretty smug about it.....and say things to my kids like, "homemade cards are so important...they mean so much more than the store bought".  i'm saying this to them, as we argue about where to glue the hearts, or how much glitter to use, or when they are ready to quit and do something else and i know we have at least 20 more cards to make and i'm pushing construction paper towards them.  honestly, it's not pretty.  and it ends in tears (theirs, and mine).  then i feel like a mean mom and scoop them some ice cream so that they remember i'm not so mean always.
and then this year.....aaron and i are slammed with work,  the kids are slammed with being kids.....and...i...broke...down..

it hurt, oh did it hurt...but i went to the dark side.  i bought their valentine's.
but guess what?  we finished cards in 10 minutes, there were no tears, there was no mess.
and i'm never going back.....sorry martha stewart and gweneth paltrow, but i've gone to the dark side.

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hvk said...

two outta three of my kids used store-bought this year, too. mom fail!!! ;)