Thursday, February 25, 2016

valentine's day

we love celebrating vday-  with the kids of course!   although on the actual date, we were too busy to have our family party, we didn't let the "holiday" pass without an official erbeck party, on the 15th.
the kids spent the day cleaning the house and decorating.
here's the table:

then, they "dressed fancy", their idea, complete with ties and hats.  they met dad at the door to act as butlers, offering to take and hang his coat, as well as place his briefcase (a rapha laptop close to a briefcase as a.aron will ever get) in place.  they directed dad into the kitchen to have an appetizer.

we always get small gifts for the boys, this year they got books and luca a small fuzzy bunny to be a brother to his existing fuzzy bunny.

luca gave us paper hearts in rainbow colors, and true made us each a scroll, with a few paragraphs of why he loves each of us.  it was, of course, completely darling and just about the best present ever.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

happy birthday manly man

happy birthday to my manly man!  what's not to love??!!!

you can swim in cold waters, and keep us all warm with your humor!

you can craft, craft, craft and sew!  from pillows to socks to bike seat pads!

you are gentle and kind to animals and an super sweet to us.

and you are down right manly...which pretty much rules.

 we salute you, Aaron McCaig Erbeck,  yoiu are one awesome-sauce dad and husband!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


not sure why i feel compelled to blog this...other than i am impressed by the amount of blood that came from true's nose.  i wasn't there, but was amazed when i was told he didn't cry much and that he went on to soccer practice anyway.  true is gettin' tough.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

the dark side

i love valentine's day.  and i love coming up with crafting stuff for the kids to make all their cards for school parties.  i feel pretty smug about it.....and say things to my kids like, "homemade cards are so important...they mean so much more than the store bought".  i'm saying this to them, as we argue about where to glue the hearts, or how much glitter to use, or when they are ready to quit and do something else and i know we have at least 20 more cards to make and i'm pushing construction paper towards them.  honestly, it's not pretty.  and it ends in tears (theirs, and mine).  then i feel like a mean mom and scoop them some ice cream so that they remember i'm not so mean always.
and then this year.....aaron and i are slammed with work,  the kids are slammed with being kids.....and...i...broke...down..

it hurt, oh did it hurt...but i went to the dark side.  i bought their valentine's.
but guess what?  we finished cards in 10 minutes, there were no tears, there was no mess.
and i'm never going back.....sorry martha stewart and gweneth paltrow, but i've gone to the dark side.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

mountain bike season!

 'cross season is over.  the holidays are over.  the sun is staying out later.  this must mean one thing....mountain bike season begins!  aaron and i were thrilled to ride with the kids and actually RIDE.  both of these guys are really starting to rip it up...and it's amazing.  i look forward to spring and summer and many miles of dirt.

Monday, February 8, 2016

serious drama king

luca went to a birthday party over the weekend.  when the mom in charge turned on music, and luca's recent dance song came on...luca got up to dance.  alone.  in front of 20+ kids and a bunch of adults.  the birthday boy jumped in with him, and the two gave a commanding performance.  i was sitting next to the drama instructor for his school and whispered,"you're gonna have to give luca a bigger role next time".
"clearly",  jeff agreed.