Friday, January 29, 2016

everybody dance now!

the annual greenwood elementary class dance performance never fails to be a hit!  i never fail to cry!
i love love love watching all the kids just pour their hearts into these dance performances.  it's just one of the best nights of the year.
luca told me he had to dress like a rock star for his i'm thinking sunglasses and dark colors, but he had other plans in mind-

yep, luca says rock stars dress is bright colors and lots of he threw on as much color as he could.  what can i say?  he looks adorable.
true said he was supposed to dress in black and the closet thing we could come up with a white tshirt with dark blue jeans.  but, when it came time for the evening dance performance true decided he needed to be dressier.  at our house, this means a shirt with buttons.  he looked, of course, handsome.

true, getting his vogue on.

luca, i gotta feeling

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heidi said...

they both did a great job !!!