Tuesday, December 1, 2015

stick a fork in it, we are done!

we have raced our erbeck lycra butts off this fall!  every sunday from sept 12 thru nov 29, the boys and i have raced cyclocross.  here's a breakdown of the places we have been:
swan creek
silver lake
magnuson park
north seatac
spanaway again (different venue)
woodland park
phew.....we were all over the puget sound!

we raced in all kinds of weather- from unseasonably warm temps in september, to the pouring rain of october, and the frozen ground of november.  we loved it all, each race and weather challenge having different advantages.

true and luca mostly raced for fun, but they also were interested in how they placed.  some great races, and they seemed to get faster each one.  seriously impressive riding-  and with nothing but joy. i really can't even express how much fun this has been for us.

results from the cross-revolution series:
Junior Boys 10-12 , True Erbeck in 10th overall, out of 46 racers!
Junior Boys 6-9, Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 24 racers!

results from the MFG series:
Junior boys, 2004-2006- True Erbeck in 14th overall, out of 33 racers!
Junior boys, 2007,2008 Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 38 racers!

and me...2nd overall in both series, the old lady division.  pretty stoked myself.

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