Thursday, December 3, 2015


every december growing up, i went to see santa and sit on his lap and ask for whatever it was that i wanted for xmas.  i never liked it, i was always dressed uncomfortably, and aside from every girls' dream of owning a pony, i never knew what to ask for.  because of this, and because aaron and i feel uncomfortable perpetuating the great santa ruse, we have never taken our kids to see santa claus.  and we still have yet to do so....but our friends did it for us!  tina says that true and luca were really good and super cute and really nice to santa.  the kids both say they enjoyed it, and apparently santa says they will definitely get what they asked for.  sure hope santa gives us a call first to discuss!
fresh from soccer practice, i'm sure santa had two sweaty boys!

the whole gang, luca, betsy, true , santa, david jr, enzo, gus

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