Monday, December 14, 2015

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

why, oh why am i showing you a picture of a butter tree?  for one, we have one of these in our fridge, waiting for christmas dinner.
secondly, there's a good story about why we have one.

i'm grocery shopping with true in Whole Paycheck-  i ask him to go grab a box of salted butter.  he spins around and sees that there is a Whole Paycheck worker with a cart, stocking butter.  true politely says to the man something like, "excuse me, i'm sorry, is it ok if i just grab some butter for my mom?".   the man moves, happy to oblige and pushes his cart out of the way. true grabs the butter and says, "thank you so much".
then true spies the butter tree.
he asks me if we can buy it and i wince at the price...and struggle to come up with a good reason why we shouldn't buy it (aside from the price).  the man grabs the butter tree, writes a code on it, and hands it to true, "this butter tree is my gift to you-  you are so nice and have such great manners.  i want you to have this tree".
true was wide eyed and full of thanks as he took the tree.  he was full of pride, as he should be.
and this is one of those times where i can't stop the glow from within as my heart swells, and i look at my son,  and i'm teary eyed, and i'm so happy and so thankful to have this young man as my son.


hvk said...

that is so sweet!

Gayle Berens said...

Brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

More Christmas Yay!!!