Thursday, December 10, 2015

a boy and a dog, take 2

in a weak moment, i promised a friend we would dogsit for her, for the dog she was dogsitting.  you should have seen aaron's eyeball roll!  i wanted to take back the promise when i thought of the added work i would have, but a promise is a promise.
and here's the thing, after one day with syd the dog, we did not want to give her back. ever.  we knew we had to do so, but we truly fell madly in love with syd the dog, the sweetest soul ever, and we loved our time with her.  in particular, luca, who really wants a dog of his own.
how many dogs would allow a 7 year to lay on them? 

luca would have slept with syd on her bed if  we let him

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heidi said...

she really does look sweet -- and even sweeter with Luca on her.