Tuesday, December 15, 2015

elfin' fantastic

this little holiday card never ceases to make me laugh!  merry christmas!

merry christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

why, oh why am i showing you a picture of a butter tree?  for one, we have one of these in our fridge, waiting for christmas dinner.
secondly, there's a good story about why we have one.

i'm grocery shopping with true in Whole Paycheck-  i ask him to go grab a box of salted butter.  he spins around and sees that there is a Whole Paycheck worker with a cart, stocking butter.  true politely says to the man something like, "excuse me, i'm sorry, is it ok if i just grab some butter for my mom?".   the man moves, happy to oblige and pushes his cart out of the way. true grabs the butter and says, "thank you so much".
then true spies the butter tree.
he asks me if we can buy it and i wince at the price...and struggle to come up with a good reason why we shouldn't buy it (aside from the price).  the man grabs the butter tree, writes a code on it, and hands it to true, "this butter tree is my gift to you-  you are so nice and have such great manners.  i want you to have this tree".
true was wide eyed and full of thanks as he took the tree.  he was full of pride, as he should be.
and this is one of those times where i can't stop the glow from within as my heart swells, and i look at my son,  and i'm teary eyed, and i'm so happy and so thankful to have this young man as my son.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

a boy and a dog, take 2

in a weak moment, i promised a friend we would dogsit for her, for the dog she was dogsitting.  you should have seen aaron's eyeball roll!  i wanted to take back the promise when i thought of the added work i would have, but a promise is a promise.
and here's the thing, after one day with syd the dog, we did not want to give her back. ever.  we knew we had to do so, but we truly fell madly in love with syd the dog, the sweetest soul ever, and we loved our time with her.  in particular, luca, who really wants a dog of his own.
how many dogs would allow a 7 year to lay on them? 

luca would have slept with syd on her bed if  we let him

Monday, December 7, 2015

getting crafty

i don't sew.  not a bit. nothing.  my mom does though-  and she was happy to pass on her beloved Bernina to her son-in-law...who, in fact does sew.  he's good!
this past weekend, aaron showed luca the basics.  true's on my side- no interest!

finished product, pillows made from our team jerseys for the white elephant gift exchange

Friday, December 4, 2015

a good time 'Giving

oh what fun we had for 2015 thanksgiving!  we were fortunate enough to have use of our dear friends condos up at alpental, our local ski hill.  while there was not enough snow for skiing, there was plenty for having fun.  special thanks to auntie gayle, who yet again made the cross country trek to be with us.  we are so lucky to have this auntie in our lives.
cold temps made for some fun icicle collecting!

penny,roberta, luca, auntie gayle, nicola, lincoln, aaron, true. otto  at the gate to the john wayne trail tunnel

sunny, cold, snow

these two.  improv comedy perfection

the kids paid aaron $30 to go swimming in the river. the ice cold river. with snow banks.

he did it. (and took the money, which he deposited into their bank accounts)

Thursday, December 3, 2015


every december growing up, i went to see santa and sit on his lap and ask for whatever it was that i wanted for xmas.  i never liked it, i was always dressed uncomfortably, and aside from every girls' dream of owning a pony, i never knew what to ask for.  because of this, and because aaron and i feel uncomfortable perpetuating the great santa ruse, we have never taken our kids to see santa claus.  and we still have yet to do so....but our friends did it for us!  tina says that true and luca were really good and super cute and really nice to santa.  the kids both say they enjoyed it, and apparently santa says they will definitely get what they asked for.  sure hope santa gives us a call first to discuss!
fresh from soccer practice, i'm sure santa had two sweaty boys!

the whole gang, luca, betsy, true , santa, david jr, enzo, gus

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

stick a fork in it, we are done!

we have raced our erbeck lycra butts off this fall!  every sunday from sept 12 thru nov 29, the boys and i have raced cyclocross.  here's a breakdown of the places we have been:
swan creek
silver lake
magnuson park
north seatac
spanaway again (different venue)
woodland park
phew.....we were all over the puget sound!

we raced in all kinds of weather- from unseasonably warm temps in september, to the pouring rain of october, and the frozen ground of november.  we loved it all, each race and weather challenge having different advantages.

true and luca mostly raced for fun, but they also were interested in how they placed.  some great races, and they seemed to get faster each one.  seriously impressive riding-  and with nothing but joy. i really can't even express how much fun this has been for us.

results from the cross-revolution series:
Junior Boys 10-12 , True Erbeck in 10th overall, out of 46 racers!
Junior Boys 6-9, Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 24 racers!

results from the MFG series:
Junior boys, 2004-2006- True Erbeck in 14th overall, out of 33 racers!
Junior boys, 2007,2008 Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 38 racers!

and me...2nd overall in both series, the old lady division.  pretty stoked myself.