Monday, November 9, 2015

mud fest

our latest racing expedition came with mud. lots of mud.  lots of mud.  lots of mud and rain.  and man, did we have fun.  true had a break out race...and is starting to climb in the ranks.  he made a top ten finish this week and he's pretty happy with that.  he's decided he races best in mud and he's grasping the idea of really competing-  not letting somebody else get by and working hard to catch the rider in front.  and luca, of course, is always a crowd favorite with his look of determination,which quickly changes to a big smile whenever somebody calls his name from the sides of the course.  the mini-rubi racers are referred to by cx fans as "the clones".

david and true chase each other while racing
this mud does not wash out easily!
luca and gus, post race.  it was freezing out, but both insisted they were warm in short sleeves

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