Friday, October 16, 2015

Greenwood Elementary 2015 Jogathon!

we always love the jogathon....and aaron and i usually attend to watch both kids, and sometimes run with them.  sadly, this year, aaron was out of town and i was stuck working!  thank heavens for miss mary, who was able to get out to watch true run.  and then as luck would have it, i sneaked away from work to watch luca run.
both kids gave it their erbeck best....true coming in with 40 laps (his goal), and luca with 38.5 laps (best in class, 7.5 laps better than his goal).  i ran with luca, and i'll say, that kid can run!!!
getting ready


really determined 

i jumped in here when he seemed a wee bit tired

stoked again after working through the halfway mark

his new harry potter socks didn't stay up, but his attitude did!

Monday, October 12, 2015

batty for books

in other reading news, true is still enamored with the world of reading.  his teachers tell us that he always has a book open in his lap, even if they are working on something else. like us, they consider it a small annoyance, and they want him to always have his love for books. as long as his grades continue on their current path and his teachers don't protest, we're not gonna sweat it. aaron's many hours of reading to true as an infant then toddler, and miss mary's many hours of library time with the erbecks, are really showing.  good work adults.

Friday, October 9, 2015


luca is truly embracing first grade, and is learning so much.  he loves it-  he claims to love math and wants to know more, he claims to love reading and wants to do more,  he also loves his spelling tests! it has been so fun to watch him this year, and i will admit, he's exceeded any expectations academically that we ever had.  we were pleasantly surprised and impressed  by his reading assessment scores....his countless hours at the library with miss mary are really paying off!  thank you miss mary!
this book has fart sounds and is really funny too.