Friday, September 18, 2015

first day 2015

due to a teacher's strike (that we fully supported!), the kids didn't start school this year until September 17th (same day as our 10 year wedding anniversary. wow!).  they were itching to get back to school, and here they stand, on this first day of clouds and rain, and first grade and fourth grade.  we didn't walk either one of the kids to their classrooms, they were perfectly content to be on their own.  luca said he thought he might cry, but there were no tears (except from mom, who is a big ol' crying baby when it comes to just about anything).  i love how independent the boys are becoming. 
all ready for mrs goldfarb!

mr lommers already knows this kid....easy transition here!

hello first grader!


Gayle Berens said...

Beautiful! I hope I get to walk them to school this year. AG from DC in LA

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Yes, Love first day of school pictures.