Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jess Rocks

let me just say this as plain as possible, no frills, no fancy words or clever sentences.  jess thomson rocks.  she's a friend of mine, of aaron's, of our kids.  she's a mom to luca's bff graham, and a wife to jim (we love this entire family).  jess has many many, many more titles (author, blogger, etc), but mostly to us, she's a good friend.
jess is also one of the most selfless persons i have ever encountered.  she gives completely of herself with her many talents to her family, to her friends (close and even not so close), to her community. everybody else comes first-  she fits her own needs in here and there...if there is any time left. she's athletic, she's funny, she's pretty, she's crazy smart, she's motivated, she's stylish, she's...jess. she rocks.
so, it's kinda funny that one weekend a year that jess makes all about jess.  her birthday weekend camp extravaganza...which of course she organizes to amuse her family, her friends, and herself.  we have group meals, planned activities, lots of pink wine and food that you would expect out of a chef's kitchen...not a coleman grill located at a dusty campsite.  it's hands down, one of my favorite weekends of the summer.
here's to you jess. you rock.
in the car and ready to head out! complete with dicks for dinner

campsite made bow and arrows

target practice

true and i decided to ride mountain bikes...

this kid loves singe track!

kids group breakfast

thomson family- love this crew

lake wenatchee was a little smokey from many eastern fires, but not so that we didn't enjoy ourselves

story time at the campsite

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