Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 tahoe trip

our tahoe trip was just a wee bit different this true, no dad.  just me and luca.  we had a ball, but we sure missed dad and true.
our first stop was in ashland, at the awesome palm cottages.  we love this super sweet spot that is lush with gardens and complete with a salt water pool.  perfect way to cool off in the 90 degree heat!

 we road bikes around ashland and ended up at our favorite brew pub.  yum!
then we ate super yummy ice cream, oh heavenly ice cream from Mix.  this place rocks!
the next day we made it to tahoe, where the sun was shining and the mountain bike trails were calling our names.  i was simply floored by how much riding luca is now able to do.  we rode for almost two hours, and we came very close to making it to the top of one of my favorite trails.  
luca picks his own riding attire!

here we are next to the totem, a good indicator that we are at the top of the first climb
look how much we have grown!

we did other fun stuff too,  like hanging at the south shore, where i grew up!  we took a tour of my old high school, STHS, and i was weepy with nostolgia.  we also couldn't let the trip go by without a fun round of put put golf with grammy.  luca is a master golfer.
the mighty vikings

resting on the beach at camp richardson.

and to top it off, here are some gratuitous pics of our last night at the lake,  which was if to say a glorious goodbye to us, and assure our return.  there is NOTHING like a tahoe sunset. nothing.

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