Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wednesday Night World Championships

with summer, comes mountain biking.  one of my favorite sports, it's no surprise that i have high hopes that my kids would also enjoy mountain biking and racing their mountain bikes.  and. of course. they do.
wednesday night worlds is a local mountain bike series in the summer- on as you guessed, wednesday nights.  i raced them before i met aaron, then happily raced them with aaron.  i even raced them 6 weeks after delivering true, and again while pregnant with luca.  there were a few years that the series went on hiatus while the venue changed, but they are back and i couldn't be happier!
i met up with the stonich clan last night, for our inaugural first alki-rubicon kids mountain bike race.  the kids got into their adorable kits, and lined up with the adults for the beginner/sport race.  i think it takes great courage to do this for anybody new to mountain biking of any age, and they are the ONLY under 10/yrs kids out there.  there are some young teens, but there are no 6 year olds!
anne marie hung with the older boys, who completed a full lap (30 minutes of racing).  i'm told that they rocked it, although chit chatted the entire race (we'll work on this).  true took the sprint finish from david jr, but to be fair, david jr was in front of true and did not know that they were going for the sprint.  welcome to racing...where friendships are both forged and tested on the trail.
luca hung back with me and bravely, oh so bravely, rode his heart out.  he had to walk some sections, and he was quite nervous about some of the steeper downhills...but every time we came to a road intersection and he had the opportunity to stop and ride back to the car, he insisted on finishing.  he crashed a few times, and each time he popped back up and onto his bike without a tear.  he even bled from some of his scrapes. but no tears.
crossing the finish line, luca said, "man mom, i'm really proud of myself."
as am i.
as am i.
kit-proud...these boys love their bike clothing!

with their trusty steeds

a glimpse into the love of single track

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