Wednesday, May 6, 2015

these are a few of my favorite things

my office door bulletin board is awash in erbeck history. pictures, art, objects.  it would be hard for me to part with any of these "things" i cram more items in, each one so precious to me that i can't bear to remove anything.  i guess i'll need to add a second bulletin board soon.

left to right, top to bottom.
aaron and true skateboarding,  a bunch of kids at a holiday party, hank (my boss) and me, luca wayne, true and me, "beehive" by luca, a frog (given to me by true, to keep me from getting lonely at work), postcard of one of my fave local artists, a bunch of kids at a holiday party, origami princess leia (by true), butterfly by luca (faded and dusty, but my first mother's day present from him), may day flowers (by luca).

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