Sunday, May 31, 2015

sunday exercise

we are gearing up for a busy summer season of running, biking, soccer and swimming.  as such, we decided we should work on our stamina, endurance and general fitness.  if you have ever tried to do everything that a 9 and 6 year old can do in a few hours, i'm sure you found yourself very tired.  if you did not, then congratulations, you are fast, fit and agile.
our day started with a run/sprint session around greenlake.  luca rode his bike, and true and i alternated a slow job with some sprints.  just to make it fun, we did high knees, butt kicks, running backwards.  thrown in our 3 mile trek, we stopped to do pull ups, push ups, sit ups and planks...twice.
i'm amazed that true can almost do a pull up! i just barely support his back and away he pulls. luca is sit up machine. and sit ups are so much more fun with you get a kiss at the top of your rep.
after we made it around the lake, we played frisbee, followed by an hour of soccer. this is the sport that gets me every time.  i feel like we have been playing for hours, only to look at the clock and see ten minutes has ticked by.  really!  i'm impressed with the agility and endurance my two kids have....and my legs are sore enough to prove that i just don't have it.  it's kinda embarrassing to have your kid just beat you into submission and i'll admit, i might of used a cuss word or ten.
when i just couldn't take any more sprints and kicks, true insisted we all calm down with a meditation session (thanks aunt gayle for teaching them that!).   and both kids suggested i work on anger management because, as luca says, the fun is in the game, not the win. uh huh.
coming in on two whole minutes of planking!

true kept going, 2 minutes, 9 seconds. 

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