Thursday, May 14, 2015

mother's day weekend

my mother's day was actually a three day celebration!  how awesome is that?!
first up... THE CROWN on friday!  i wore it on my helmet to work, all day at work, on my helmet home, and then to a party later that night. i felt like a queen, and the luckiest mom ever.

the friday night dinner party at jess and jim's with maggie and ryan too, was more about the adults.  my stomach hurt from so much laughing and i was reminded how lucky i am to have such awesome friends who also have awesome kids.

the boys had a sleep over at team thomson...below, graham and luca took a nap post shower.
aaron and i woke up at the crack of dawn to load our mountain bikes and pick up some teammates for a quick ride at Grand Ridge.  what a great way to start the day! bikes and beers by noon!
in the meantime, true and luca went to school of rock with graham to bang on some drums. then off to ballard pool for swim time.  they came home just on time for us to take off to see betsy stonich's theater debut in The Little Mermaid.  besty was a super cute newt!  the boys loved seeing the play and i was certainly impressed with the talent at that show! below the boys are stoked to see each other and ham it up for the camera.
we finished the evening with a dinner al fresco at the stonich home, and another sleep over for the boys....which meant sleeping in on mother's day!  when i picked up the boys sunday morning, they were reluctant to leave, but then both quickly fell asleep...clearly they were pooped.  i rocked luca in my arms (it was mother's day after all), and i couldn't help but think it might be the last time i get to do so...he's so big already and we barely fit into the rocking chair.  i may have shed a tear while feeling the beat of luca's heart against mine...
when the boys woke up, the entire family headed for a soccer game at green lake....luca and dad versus true and mom.  poor true tried his hardest, and he scored the most goals for team mom, but in the end, team dad was just too hard to beat.  
we finished up the evening with dinner on the patio at cornuto, and things were pretty awesome. 

yes true was with us, but he often buries his nose in a book and we don't hear from him until the food arrives

i asked luca how he got to be so handsome and he replied, "well, you mom.  because you are so pretty".
tears. again.  

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