Friday, March 13, 2015

more science fair!

science fair 2015 was really cool.  i'm always impressed by the projects, particularly the ones that are actually done by the kids themselves (uhm..., pretty easy to tell!).  the theme this year was "body", and while it seemed that only a few got the memo, those that did managed to pull together some interesting exhibits.  one of my faves:

there was even a bag of dead crickets that you could try, located on top of the cricket habitat, where the live ones were busy with their cricket lives....not knowing their eventual doom.  i dared one group of squealing girls to eat a cricket and i'd match them with two.  they thought long and hard about it, but eventually said, no way.  i gave luca the same dare and he just told me i was nuts. i told him that our friend roberta eats crickets and he said she was nuts too. 

true's cool animation project turned out to be a huge hit with adults and kids...there seemed to be a constant small crowd waiting to view the zoetrope.  here he is, explaining his project to the judge:
i was really proud of him in this moment....he seemed to be comfortable with his presentation.

luca's project, body stuff looks icky, was a parent and science teacher favorite with all the slides to view with the microscope  of fun things like boogers, ear wax, fingernails, etc...
luca held onto my hand tightly during his presentation to the judge, but eventually he relaxed and became his usual animated self.  i cried, of course, and missed the opportunity to take a picture. 
here are a few of the photos he did use on his project board:
titled "mucus", not "boogers", to be more scientific about it


Jay said...

SO GOOD!! Thanks. The table is comming along.

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I'm not nuts. I love the cricket kid! (And Luca and True too of course! Awesome work guys.