Thursday, February 19, 2015


grandma erbeck is in town and what a perfect weekend to hit the ocean shores with our friends, the team thomson!  we were blown away by warm air, sunshine, light wind.  while clamming didn't yield the results we were hoping for, we did mange to try surfing, and we spent countless hours in the sand....all of  completely nuts.
a stop in olympia for hamburgers at big tom's. if you are ever there, skip it!

big hams

low tide!

we're really trying to find razor clams!

note: always bring water proof clothing for clamming.  i missed the memo

i did bring some yoga matting cut into hearts for us to kneel on.  didn't keep us dry!

grandma soaking up the sunshine, and keeping an eye on the kids

snack time after our game of sand football. kids vs adults. kids won

sunset. wow.  we drove the car onto the beach. it felt naughty, but man was it fun!

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