Wednesday, January 28, 2015

blazing a new trail

i took the kids with me to a trail work party (there was beer, but not much of a party!  we worked our butts off!).  it took us a while to get into the swing of things and realize our strengths with certain tools.  after some frustration, true and luca found that they were best using the long nippers, whacking back all the blackberry bushes and ivy.   mom was best with heavy rake and hoe, blazing the flagged path, with the kids getting the brush out of my way.  it's remarkable how much work we accomplished...including below, the soft, mossy ramp to a log, so that the mountain bike riders were clear the section easily...but if they did not, they would be cushioned by the moss.  true also thought it would be a good throne for a king, and luca thought it would be a nice pillow for a homeless person.
the kids are excited to race on these trails this summer!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

throw back thursday (TBT)

summer, 2006.  true was just a wee baby.  aaron was a full time dad and part time racer.  the bouncy chair, handed down from a neighbor, we scoffed at it initially,  became our life saver as true was happiest in his 4th trimester in this chair. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

we are 12

in one of the most exciting last 6 minutes of a football game that i have ever watched, the seahawks are on their way to the superbowl again!  it was nail biter, and really, our family couldn't lose.  we may have been strongly supporting the 'hawks, but secretly thinking it would be just fine should the packers take it.  i had a lot of fun texting back and forth with grandpa during the game.  it was a great way to watch it together, even though separated by lakes, mountain ranges and time zones.

Friday, January 16, 2015

mom's a traitor

grandpa dug up this pic.....taken after aaron and i married, at our second wedding reception in Green Bay.    my allegiance, at that moment,  was clearly with packers (after all, the wedding reception was scheduled around the packer schedule).   the times have changed, and although i barely care about football, i am now a seahawks fan.  aaron, true to his heritage, remains a pack fan.

side note: we didn't know it at the time, but i am pregnant with true in this photo!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

take that grandpa!

new banner for the building i manage....sent to us by none other than mr paul allen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

go pack go?

grandpa's vote is in (not a surprise to any of us, right?).
i wonder who uncle lincoln will root for.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

torn between two cities

uh oh.  what's a west coast erbeck to do?  root for the city team or root for the family home team?  where should the loyalties lie?   such confusion over at our least with the adults. the kids know exactly who they are rooting for...SEAHAWKS!  while they feel a pull to green bay, they are quick to point out that we live in seattle, and as such, our allegiance should live with seattle.  aaron has no comment thus far.  and me.....well.....i think i have to side with the kids on this one.  not that we give a rat's butt about football.  but maybe we do...just a little......

Friday, January 9, 2015

'tis the season recap!

(note to james erbeck: yes grandpa erbeck, i still blog.  we've been on a dry spell, but i'm not giving up yet!)
oh what a fun holiday season we had!  christmas really is the most wonderful time of year for me...where i hang lights and worry about gifts, and wrap and worry, and cook and eat and  in general, be pretty darn merry!  i love all of it!
we had special guests this year in december, our dear friends the the keelings.  they drove up for luca's official birthday celebration- we rode the duck!  a highly touristy thing to do, but we've never done it, and it was fun.  the weather was cold and rainy, so you can imagine how happy we were to discover flannel blankets on the seats of the duck (yes, it's more of an outdoor experience!).
seattle is a lovely city, and so interesting to see in the winter when the lack of foliage leaves everything exposed.  add holiday lights and it was like seeing an entire new city!

we love our christmas eve tradition of a fancy dinner (ha!) at dick's burgers.  i brought a table cloth, candles, napkins.  we dressed up and dined like kings.  we followed our dinner with a trip to bastille in ballard for a cocktail and a yummy desert.  bastille is one of my fave spots in seattle....i always feel slightly transported to a city more regal than ours.

christmas day was full of surprises for all, but not too much, and we all felt spoiled, without feeling like it was over the top. true and luca heard santa come in and leave and then woke me up at 3:30am to find out if it was time to get up. it was hard not to be grumpy with the little dudes, but they were so sweet and cute and complained little of going back to bed.

while aaron stayed in bed for new year's, the kids and i partied at a friend's house, counting down the east coast new year's.  the kids were in bed by 10 (at a friend's hourse!), so off i went to another party solo.  it was strange to be alone, but i really wasn't because i was with so many friends.

a few days later, we were off to Alpental to mourn the lack of snow, but we were surprised to find it snowing!  our friends cobbled together equipment for the kids and we were off to the mountain.  needless to say, the kids love to ski!

now we are all back at school, back at work and true and i are struggling to let go of the holidays.  our tree is still up, the lights outside still plugged in , and i'm still finding homes for our new things.  luca, who can be very practical,  has told me he's ready for easter......
carkeek park, one of our faves

true set up a rock stand, where you could trade for different rocks. no money accepted

the shop keeper

our kids all adore one another!

dicks hamburgers....a great tradition!

bastille fancy "s'mores"

dear santa (the kids left their rudolph noses to prancer and dancer)

alpental with the stonich kids

by the end of the day, they were racing each other!

magic carpet

true, practicing the pizza wedge (we called it snowplow when we were kids)