Tuesday, December 15, 2015

elfin' fantastic

this little holiday card never ceases to make me laugh!  merry christmas!

merry christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

why, oh why am i showing you a picture of a butter tree?  for one, we have one of these in our fridge, waiting for christmas dinner.
secondly, there's a good story about why we have one.

i'm grocery shopping with true in Whole Paycheck-  i ask him to go grab a box of salted butter.  he spins around and sees that there is a Whole Paycheck worker with a cart, stocking butter.  true politely says to the man something like, "excuse me, i'm sorry, is it ok if i just grab some butter for my mom?".   the man moves, happy to oblige and pushes his cart out of the way. true grabs the butter and says, "thank you so much".
then true spies the butter tree.
he asks me if we can buy it and i wince at the price...and struggle to come up with a good reason why we shouldn't buy it (aside from the price).  the man grabs the butter tree, writes a code on it, and hands it to true, "this butter tree is my gift to you-  you are so nice and have such great manners.  i want you to have this tree".
true was wide eyed and full of thanks as he took the tree.  he was full of pride, as he should be.
and this is one of those times where i can't stop the glow from within as my heart swells, and i look at my son,  and i'm teary eyed, and i'm so happy and so thankful to have this young man as my son.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

a boy and a dog, take 2

in a weak moment, i promised a friend we would dogsit for her, for the dog she was dogsitting.  you should have seen aaron's eyeball roll!  i wanted to take back the promise when i thought of the added work i would have, but a promise is a promise.
and here's the thing, after one day with syd the dog, we did not want to give her back. ever.  we knew we had to do so, but we truly fell madly in love with syd the dog, the sweetest soul ever, and we loved our time with her.  in particular, luca, who really wants a dog of his own.
how many dogs would allow a 7 year to lay on them? 

luca would have slept with syd on her bed if  we let him

Monday, December 7, 2015

getting crafty

i don't sew.  not a bit. nothing.  my mom does though-  and she was happy to pass on her beloved Bernina to her son-in-law...who, in fact does sew.  he's good!
this past weekend, aaron showed luca the basics.  true's on my side- no interest!

finished product, pillows made from our team jerseys for the white elephant gift exchange

Friday, December 4, 2015

a good time 'Giving

oh what fun we had for 2015 thanksgiving!  we were fortunate enough to have use of our dear friends condos up at alpental, our local ski hill.  while there was not enough snow for skiing, there was plenty for having fun.  special thanks to auntie gayle, who yet again made the cross country trek to be with us.  we are so lucky to have this auntie in our lives.
cold temps made for some fun icicle collecting!

penny,roberta, luca, auntie gayle, nicola, lincoln, aaron, true. otto  at the gate to the john wayne trail tunnel

sunny, cold, snow

these two.  improv comedy perfection

the kids paid aaron $30 to go swimming in the river. the ice cold river. with snow banks.

he did it. (and took the money, which he deposited into their bank accounts)

Thursday, December 3, 2015


every december growing up, i went to see santa and sit on his lap and ask for whatever it was that i wanted for xmas.  i never liked it, i was always dressed uncomfortably, and aside from every girls' dream of owning a pony, i never knew what to ask for.  because of this, and because aaron and i feel uncomfortable perpetuating the great santa ruse, we have never taken our kids to see santa claus.  and we still have yet to do so....but our friends did it for us!  tina says that true and luca were really good and super cute and really nice to santa.  the kids both say they enjoyed it, and apparently santa says they will definitely get what they asked for.  sure hope santa gives us a call first to discuss!
fresh from soccer practice, i'm sure santa had two sweaty boys!

the whole gang, luca, betsy, true , santa, david jr, enzo, gus

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

stick a fork in it, we are done!

we have raced our erbeck lycra butts off this fall!  every sunday from sept 12 thru nov 29, the boys and i have raced cyclocross.  here's a breakdown of the places we have been:
swan creek
silver lake
magnuson park
north seatac
spanaway again (different venue)
woodland park
phew.....we were all over the puget sound!

we raced in all kinds of weather- from unseasonably warm temps in september, to the pouring rain of october, and the frozen ground of november.  we loved it all, each race and weather challenge having different advantages.

true and luca mostly raced for fun, but they also were interested in how they placed.  some great races, and they seemed to get faster each one.  seriously impressive riding-  and with nothing but joy. i really can't even express how much fun this has been for us.

results from the cross-revolution series:
Junior Boys 10-12 , True Erbeck in 10th overall, out of 46 racers!
Junior Boys 6-9, Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 24 racers!

results from the MFG series:
Junior boys, 2004-2006- True Erbeck in 14th overall, out of 33 racers!
Junior boys, 2007,2008 Luca Erbeck in 5th overall, out of 38 racers!

and me...2nd overall in both series, the old lady division.  pretty stoked myself.

Friday, November 13, 2015

abstract art

true brought home his latest piece of art-  i love this piece!  he said he worked on this for weeks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

gong show

while luca's losing teeth, true is getting his braces off!  gone is the cute brace face, replaced by his cute smile.  we have three years of no braces....then he gets them back on when all of his teeth have come in.  that bit of news didn't disappoint true, he loves having braces.
true gets to bang the gong since his braces were removed

because true is exceptionally polite, he tapped the gong, then they encouraged him to smack it hard.he did.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

tooth #5

luca woke up and declared, "my tooth will come out today".  and...it did.  like, 10 minutes later.

Monday, November 9, 2015

mud fest

our latest racing expedition came with mud. lots of mud.  lots of mud.  lots of mud and rain.  and man, did we have fun.  true had a break out race...and is starting to climb in the ranks.  he made a top ten finish this week and he's pretty happy with that.  he's decided he races best in mud and he's grasping the idea of really competing-  not letting somebody else get by and working hard to catch the rider in front.  and luca, of course, is always a crowd favorite with his look of determination,which quickly changes to a big smile whenever somebody calls his name from the sides of the course.  the mini-rubi racers are referred to by cx fans as "the clones".

david and true chase each other while racing
this mud does not wash out easily!
luca and gus, post race.  it was freezing out, but both insisted they were warm in short sleeves

Friday, October 16, 2015

Greenwood Elementary 2015 Jogathon!

we always love the jogathon....and aaron and i usually attend to watch both kids, and sometimes run with them.  sadly, this year, aaron was out of town and i was stuck working!  thank heavens for miss mary, who was able to get out to watch true run.  and then as luck would have it, i sneaked away from work to watch luca run.
both kids gave it their erbeck best....true coming in with 40 laps (his goal), and luca with 38.5 laps (best in class, 7.5 laps better than his goal).  i ran with luca, and i'll say, that kid can run!!!
getting ready


really determined 

i jumped in here when he seemed a wee bit tired

stoked again after working through the halfway mark

his new harry potter socks didn't stay up, but his attitude did!

Monday, October 12, 2015

batty for books

in other reading news, true is still enamored with the world of reading.  his teachers tell us that he always has a book open in his lap, even if they are working on something else. like us, they consider it a small annoyance, and they want him to always have his love for books. as long as his grades continue on their current path and his teachers don't protest, we're not gonna sweat it. aaron's many hours of reading to true as an infant then toddler, and miss mary's many hours of library time with the erbecks, are really showing.  good work adults.

Friday, October 9, 2015


luca is truly embracing first grade, and is learning so much.  he loves it-  he claims to love math and wants to know more, he claims to love reading and wants to do more,  he also loves his spelling tests! it has been so fun to watch him this year, and i will admit, he's exceeded any expectations academically that we ever had.  we were pleasantly surprised and impressed  by his reading assessment scores....his countless hours at the library with miss mary are really paying off!  thank you miss mary!
this book has fart sounds and is really funny too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

local pro tweets a pic of the boys!

Steve Fisher, a local pro racer, took this super cute photo of the boys at the last race.  The Golazo energy drink team regularly fuels our little competitors with their natural ingredient hydration drink...I let the kids drink a full one, much to their surprise, and it's like the best treat ever for them. I don't mind, because the hydrating drink is full of good stuff, not crap!   I really think we should strike a sponsorship deal here....Are you listening Golazo?  Are ya?

Friday, September 18, 2015

first day 2015

due to a teacher's strike (that we fully supported!), the kids didn't start school this year until September 17th (same day as our 10 year wedding anniversary. wow!).  they were itching to get back to school, and here they stand, on this first day of clouds and rain, and first grade and fourth grade.  we didn't walk either one of the kids to their classrooms, they were perfectly content to be on their own.  luca said he thought he might cry, but there were no tears (except from mom, who is a big ol' crying baby when it comes to just about anything).  i love how independent the boys are becoming. 
all ready for mrs goldfarb!

mr lommers already knows this kid....easy transition here!

hello first grader!

Monday, September 14, 2015

MFG cyclocross, race #1

it's here folks...cyclocross season (also referred to as "cx").  the kids have cx bikes, they have cx racing kits, they have cx fever!  here they are, getting ready for a juniors race, which had them on the course for 30 minutes, 3 laps.  in comparison, i raced 38 minutes, 5 laps (not a lot more!).  love these racing dudes, their enthusiasm keeps me coming back for more...
all done, complete with battle wounds

oh mom this was so hard, but i had so much fun!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 is Summer of Swimming

finally, finally, finally.....the boys are swimmers!  it's been my fault that it has taken us this long to get these kids comfortable swimming.  we tried a few times,  we did some private lessons, but it always just seemed to be a drag.  well, finally...we all had enough.  the kids needed to learn to swim for safety reasons and finally, they were on board. fully.  in a few short months, my kids went from barely comfortable enough to put their heads in the water....to full on JUMP action into the deep end.  i've truly enjoyed watching this progression-  and i'm always amazed by the ability of kids to just DO IT.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jess Rocks

let me just say this as plain as possible, no frills, no fancy words or clever sentences.  jess thomson rocks.  she's a friend of mine, of aaron's, of our kids.  she's a mom to luca's bff graham, and a wife to jim (we love this entire family).  jess has many many, many more titles (author, blogger, etc), but mostly to us, she's a good friend.
jess is also one of the most selfless persons i have ever encountered.  she gives completely of herself with her many talents to her family, to her friends (close and even not so close), to her community. everybody else comes first-  she fits her own needs in here and there...if there is any time left. she's athletic, she's funny, she's pretty, she's crazy smart, she's motivated, she's stylish, she's...jess. she rocks.
so, it's kinda funny that one weekend a year that jess makes all about jess.  her birthday weekend camp extravaganza...which of course she organizes to amuse her family, her friends, and herself.  we have group meals, planned activities, lots of pink wine and food that you would expect out of a chef's kitchen...not a coleman grill located at a dusty campsite.  it's hands down, one of my favorite weekends of the summer.
here's to you jess. you rock.
in the car and ready to head out! complete with dicks for dinner

campsite made bow and arrows

target practice

true and i decided to ride mountain bikes...

this kid loves singe track!

kids group breakfast

thomson family- love this crew

lake wenatchee was a little smokey from many eastern fires, but not so that we didn't enjoy ourselves

story time at the campsite

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prom night 2025

poor luca.  we will show this video to his high school prom date.  good times and jess thomson birthday camp extravaganza!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

in defense of cuteness

in defense of cuteness by jess thomson

read that!  its all about food and kids and being cute.  like luca.

Monday, August 3, 2015

non stop summer fun

fantastic summer weekend in seattle....it's monday and we are all so tired from two days of fun fun fun fun.  it just never ends!
first up-  private movie at the north bend theater for david jr!  we had the place to ourselves (that happens when you rent out the theater), and the small crowd of boys were all of david's best buddies. Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom was a lot scarier than i remember! i spent a great deal of the movie with my hands over luca's ears, and his hands over his eyes...so he'd just get a enough to know what was going on, but not too much to overwhelm him.

the party didn't stop there....after the movie we went to the park for pizza, pinata, and medieval foam sword battles.  normally i'm pretty against anything remotely close to battles, wargames, fighting, etc...but i have to admit, this was a load of fun.
after we battled for a few hours in 95 degree heat, it was off to alpental for swimming and a sleep over. the pool never felt better!
 rather than head back to hot seattle on sunday, we took the day to go hiking and swimming in denny creek (which is really more of a river!).  while we weren't the only ones on the trail by any means, we still felt a million miles away from the city. below, true tries the natural rock slide into the pool of cold water.  one brave dad stood in the current for 45 minutes, catching kids and plopping back to safe waters.