Tuesday, November 4, 2014

halloween 2014

this year was a real departure from the past erbeck halloweens.....first of all, we lacked a seamstress to create the costumes... both grandma and aaron had pretty full plates!  mom to the rescue with a simple point and click at halloweencostumes.com-   within four days we had a luke skywalker and fighter jet pilot dude. kids were happy enough, although they did comment on how smelly and cheap the costumes felt.  i'm glad the kids have appreciation for artisan construction!
secondly, aaron was out of town for work, so i stayed back to hand out candy to the hoards of kids, while auntie nicola and penny took true and luca around the 'hood.   it was a mellow halloween, with the crowds dying down early in the wind/rain storm.  the kids got into pjs, we watched free birds, and went to bed early.
pictured here are starwars heroes, with the frozen girls

graham was a fierce batman, his mom a foxy catwoman

these two like are a couple of math and science geeks...in a good way!

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