Wednesday, July 30, 2014

vacation: first stop, portland!

portland, oregon with our friends the keelings.  love our time with this family...who are like... family.  we rode bikes, waved american flags (it was 4th of july afterall) and we sparkled with sparklers.  the kids get along so great and i love watching them all grow up many changes this time around with the porltand bike gang!

don't you just adore georgia's head piece!! the girl has spirit.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

big boy teeth

luca has been claiming for a month or two that he has a loose tooth.  coincidentally,  true keeps losing baby teeth and keeps getting visits from the tooth fairy.  because of this, we never really gave luca's claims much thought other than to say, "oh really?  that's cool....", just to placate him, thinking he was just looking for some attention.
we were wrong.  the kid has a big boy tooth coming in, and definitely a loose tooth!   time for me to start taking this big boy seriously.