Monday, June 2, 2014

my silly Lu

luca is the silliest erbeck in our household.  he often has us in stitches, because he has said (or sung) something so hilarious or obscure that we can't help but crack up.  he loves to make people laugh, because he knows it feels so good to be happy.
he  cracked me up the other night when he insisted on goggles to take a bath. note his LONG hair.

luca has been asking for a buzz cut for quite general, i'm against buzz cuts.  sure, the cuts are easy and they last long and they are cheap....but, i just prefer a little messy mop head of a little boy.  but the kid kept asking and asking and asking.....and i guess i decided it was time to let him make his own decision about how he presents himself to the public.  so off to barber and when he jumped into the chair, he raised one arm, finger pointed in the air, and said, "buzz cut for me!".   everybody laughed, and goodbye he is (he did a little dance for the crowd when he was done).
he loves his cut, and he does look cute, and i suppose i'll get used  to it.


hvk said...

oh my gosh!!! luca looks so different with his new 'do! he is completely adorable and cute and handsome either way, but wow, what a change!

Matt said...

In a word…AWESOME!

Luca is the man and looks sharp with the "Butch".

Great seeing the Erbeck Clan on my short stopover in Seattle. Looking forward to seeing more of y'all in the near future!