Tuesday, May 27, 2014

happy 8th birthday true mccaig erbeck!!!

true's dilemma:  a big birthday party for all of his friends in seattle, or an adventure filled weekend at a campground.  it was a hard decision, but he realized he loves to go camping.  i agreed, we picked out the destination- chelan, the same place we went for true's 7th bday adventure.  as it turns out, you need to book your campsite at chelan months upon months in advance.  whoops.   and as it turns out, you need to book any decent campground for the memorial day weekend months and months in advance.  whoops again.
the errors turned out to be in our favor-  the flying horseshoe ranch, the place aaron and i wed, had some openings.

we reserved two of those cute little bunk cabins...one for kids, one for adults. it worked out perfectly-  the kids were free to be loud and tell stories and in general, be messy.  the adults were free to sleep in later and go to bed later.  our cabins were strategically placed close to the the fire pit.

it was so fun to see the ranch again and share the magic with our kids and their friends.  there were lots of families and lots of kids...so we made lots of new friends.  i honestly didn't see much of the children-  they were off on adventure, safe in the acres of the ranch.   we didn't need to set boundaries, and there were few rules that needed to be followed.  there were horses and trails and ball courts, and fields and fields of grass-long and short.    we rode bikes, we rode horses, we ate cake, we ate s'mores, we ate bacon. lots of all of that.  we loved the impromptu drop in from the stonich clan, who stayed with us for another night and day at the ranch.  having tina, gabe, ezno, jaxon, ethan, gus, dave jr, betsy, anne marie, dave and gigi for one big birthday dinner and party was really awesome.  we can't wait to go back!

the boys love to be read to.  here, tina does the honors

getting ready for the ride! lots of boots to chose from

all booted and ready to ride horses for the first time!


true was nervous about this, but he had fun!

luca was a great little cowboy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

me and lu

sometimes it's just nice to have a little time alone with my youngest.  he's a happy kid.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mother's day 2014

lovely day with my boys.  a nice walk, a soccer game, a short nap, a lovely dinner.  thanks a-dog for making it all happen.

Friday, May 9, 2014

play structure?

i'm not certain the kids should have been climbing on this piece outside of the asian art musem...but nobody seemed concerned.   i love watching these monkeys climb all over the place!  for some reason, luca chose to keep his helmet on (preventative!).

and here is a view of the crit racing.  thankfully,  no rain!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

road racing

i took luca to just watch the crit races (mom is not so stoked on crit racing after this this little mishap).  he insisted on doing the kids race with his friend david jr, so he borrowed a bike and helmet and off we went!  the kids finished the race pretty quickly and were so excited that they KEPT ON GOING!  i couldn't see them and was mildly panicked, but i relaxed a little knowing that they were on a course closed to traffic, and luca knew the whole loop.  both kids eventually showed back up (yes, they did an entire loop), and they got a bunch of extra prizes for their efforts!
luca and jr,...both always smiling!

somewhere over the rainbow

seattle spring is full of rain and a little sun...which means rainbow season.  we still haven't found any gold though.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

molly moons

we've been eating a lot of ice cream! molly moon's is our seattle fav by far.  it was a cold and windy night, but a scoop of salted caramel (or scout mint or melted chocolate as it may be) really hit the spot.  just a small reward for true's big soccer game, a solid win for the mighty titans.  a reward for dad's 100+ mile bike ride.  a reward for luca, standing on the sidelines in the pouring rain cheering his brother on.  a reward for mom, who completed 6 loads of laundry.