Sunday, April 6, 2014

mighty titans

i am a proud, full fledged, weekend, sitting in the rain soccer mom.  it has happened.
true joined an outdoor soccer league, the mighty titans, and now i am THAT soccer mom.  it's a title i have tried to avoid, but now that it is here, i'm loving it.  it's so fun to watch true play and see his confidence build with each touch of the ball.  he scored today, and immediately looks at me, he knows that i will be beaming.  i'm more than beaming, i'm jumping up and down and screaming!!!  even though the titans lost, they played a great game, and i look forward to each sunday....soggy or dry, cold or on!
enzo and true, waiting to sub

the might titans with parent coach, annabelle


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Hey, you're at Garfield! You should have told me I would have come out and cheered True on.

erbeck family said... sunday, 2pm.