Thursday, March 13, 2014

nightmare on 81st St

luca opened our room door at 3 in the morning, teary eyed, sad.  his soft voice said, "momma, i've been calling for you for so long. you didn't come, so i am here".
i scooped up my little man and tucked him in bed with me, and he whispered that he was having really scary dreams.  i was too tired to bring him to back to his room, so aaron did.  luca is always good about going back into his bed.
the next day luca told me a story about his dream.
he said that there were pythons all over the floor of his bedroom, and he was afraid to come to me.  he called and called for me, but when i didn't come, and he wanted to get to me, he remembered that i told him dreams were not real, and he must be brave.  so he said that he put brave in his heart and planted his feet on the ground and came to my room.  just like that.
he was pretty proud of himself.  and so was i.

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Gayle Berens said...

I wish I were there to give Luca a big hug and kiss and tell him how great he is!