Friday, March 7, 2014

matt and jenny say hi!

matt and jenny, aka the erbeck family's fave neighbors, sent true and luca this sweet photo via email.  the kids really loved it, because matt and jenny (did i mention they are the faves?) are off in a far away land.  we miss them, and true asks about them frequently.  the other day, true was a little sad, and said that he didn't think matt and jenny would ever be coming back....a year gone is a very long time to a kid, and a pretty long time to the adults that miss matt and jenny as well.  we can't wait to hang out and grill with them, share stories of the year, drink a beer or many, and feel better that they are sleeping in their super cute house behind the erbeck domicile.
if you would like to know more about matt and jenny's year long adventures, check out their blogs- you'll love reading their writing, both quite talented.
Front Door Adventures
Luscious Light

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Matt said...

To kind Tracy! We miss the Erbeck family heaps and look forward to seeing you guys soon. I know it's a first world problem, but the Alford/Hurst's have been feeling a bit homesick as of late as well.

All the best!