Sunday, February 9, 2014

sledding in seattle

us seattlites love to get some city snow in the winter...but it is oh so rare.  late last week our portland friends got pounded with the fluffy white stuff, while we just braved cold temps with zero precipitation.  that being said, when the light storm hit on saturday night, we had a couple of little boys who were super excited for the morning!  we were up, fed, dressed and out the door by 8:15am.  we headed to woodland park, where we knew we'd find a good sledding hill.  in this video, you can hear luca screaming for everybody to "watch out! watch out! watch out!" (throw a.aron on there and that sled can boogie).

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hvk said...

awesome! glad you guys got to play in the snow! we had freezing rain come last night and coat it all in ice, so our fun might be done. school cancelled again tomorrow!