Monday, February 3, 2014

go 'HAWKS!!!

these super un-football fans (us) found ourselves excited for the big game, and willing to sit in front of a tv for 5 hours to watch it.  the enthusiasm of this city has been infectious, and we got game fever. big time.
true decorated the house with homemade seahawks signs, and i got to work in the kitchen making the food. we took ourselves up to gabe's alpental condo, where we watched the victory unfold on a 60 inch TV (huh? didn't even know they made them that big).  it was a packed house, with all the best buddies present- true, luca, ethan, jaxon, enzo, david, gus, betsy.  those kids were loud.
here was the victory dance party-

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To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Otto and I watched too! But our victory dance was hiding in the closet so the fireworks wouldn't kill us! Go Seahawks.