Friday, February 28, 2014

science fair 2014

science fairs are a new thing for me....growing up in tahoe, our educational opportunities were kinda limited.  i really love that true totally digs doing a science project, and that his dad helps him (and leaves me out of it!).  i wasn't able to attend the fair, but true's "pulleys" project was quite a hit (extra points from other parents for aaron's good use of a wine rack).  true's judges' comment card tells me that true was good with his presentation, and was able to fully discuss the concepts of a pulley system.

Friday, February 21, 2014

valentine's day with the kids

true insisted that i volunteer to coordinate his class valentine's day party.  who can say no to that?   i thought it would involve coordinating food and maybe taping up some hearts.  but oh no.....turns out his teacher thought games and an art project would be great.  oh my.  what did i sign up for?!  with a little help from google, i was able to pull together a couple of really great ideas and after a weekend of prep, i was ready to go.  it's funny that i was sooooo nervous!  i just wanted the party to be awesome, and i wanted to make true proud (it was and he was).   i loved spending time with true and his friends, and it was valuable to be in the classroom and see what his fantastic teacher is able to do (the kid whisperer for sure).
true sorts his cards and enjoys the healthy snacks

the art project was a gigantic card for ms. buschman, complete with sweet sentiments from the kids

i made a stop into luca's classroom he is with his valentine sweetie, hazel

Thursday, February 20, 2014

more birthday love

while we were up snowboarding for aaron's bday, his office threw him a party.  complete with office-aaron.

happy birthday papa bear!

aaron's bday was made super awesome by his mother....who came from green bay to make his cake!  he also celebrated with of whom made his birthday cupcakes (thanks heidi!).  this is because aaron's wife, you not the baker extraordinaire.   i really appreciated the help, my man deserved the delicious confections.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

in tooth news

true continues to lose teeth at an almost alarming rate.  making up for the late start i guess!  here he is, chilling at the dentist, which was a good experience for both kids.  they have amazing teeth, which we fully attribute to their good diet, and not brushing skills.  true will be embarking on his first orthodontist appointment in the next few weeks....we're trying to avoid braces by using spacers.
luca has his 6 year molars coming in, and looks like he'll start losing teeth in the next 6 months.  he is very excited to meet the tooth fairy and wonders if she can just leave a lego set for him.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

sledding in seattle

us seattlites love to get some city snow in the winter...but it is oh so rare.  late last week our portland friends got pounded with the fluffy white stuff, while we just braved cold temps with zero precipitation.  that being said, when the light storm hit on saturday night, we had a couple of little boys who were super excited for the morning!  we were up, fed, dressed and out the door by 8:15am.  we headed to woodland park, where we knew we'd find a good sledding hill.  in this video, you can hear luca screaming for everybody to "watch out! watch out! watch out!" (throw a.aron on there and that sled can boogie).

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bol noodle

luca demonstrates how to eat a bowl of bol pho that is as big as he is.

Monday, February 3, 2014

go 'HAWKS!!!

these super un-football fans (us) found ourselves excited for the big game, and willing to sit in front of a tv for 5 hours to watch it.  the enthusiasm of this city has been infectious, and we got game fever. big time.
true decorated the house with homemade seahawks signs, and i got to work in the kitchen making the food. we took ourselves up to gabe's alpental condo, where we watched the victory unfold on a 60 inch TV (huh? didn't even know they made them that big).  it was a packed house, with all the best buddies present- true, luca, ethan, jaxon, enzo, david, gus, betsy.  those kids were loud.
here was the victory dance party-