Thursday, December 19, 2013

Luca's 5th bday party

we celebrated luca's birthday party just a few days early this year.  we started with cupcake decorating at his preschool (btw, luca is the one who decided he had to have pink frosting and sprinkles), then off we went to soccer and the bouncy house mania with pizza and cake!  we had a great time and i am really thankful for all of our friends who made it out to a mid-week evening party.  we really appreciated the effort.  luca had a blast, and i couldn't have been more was his first ever FOR REAL birthday party complete with the friends of his choosing.  happy 5th birthday to my big boy!
sophie and magnolia (not THE magnolia, obviously) at the birthday table with luca- his choice!

the birthday team at the bouncy house. a bunch of animals for sure!


heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Luca !!!

hvk said...

the party looks like it was SO much fun! love the animal masks! we wish we could have been there!
happy birthday luca! five rules!!
the keelings