Monday, October 28, 2013

still loving racing!

big weekend for true, who upgraded from the little kids race, to the juniors.  that means that he was given a timing chip and a bib number, and he was scored!  it also means that he raced with kids much older than himself....which made him so nervous that he almost decided against the race.  at the last minute he thought he'd give it a try, once we told him he could stop whenever he decided he had enough.  and of course.....he didn't stop.  he finished his race, 35 minutes, with a huge smile.  he proceeded to tell me all about the course, and he gave me pointers and suggestions for my race, which i was off to start.  i listened very carefully, for my child's enthusiasm melted my heart and also made me want to give my best, just as he did.  it really is amazing when your child becomes your inspiration. (and btw, i had the most fun and one of my best races yet...i attribute this to my son).

31st place is a great for a kid 2 years younger than the rest!

luca was initially upset to be racing with little kids....but not when he came in 3rd!


GayleBer said...

I love that look on Luca's face! He's determined.
I'm so proud of both of them! And their Mom!

Matt said...

Rad about sums it all up!

Miss you guys!