Tuesday, October 1, 2013


it's no secret that this family adores the lumineers!  the kids love them, i love them, aaron loves them.  so when tickets went on sale in June, i snatched  four of them so we could all go!  i couldn't wait to take the kids to their first big show.  the concert was outside, under the threat of rain, but there was nothing that could dampen our spirits.  while we were prepared for rain, we were surprised by clear skies.  we were sandwiched between good groups of people...everybody was polite and impressed by the awesome behavior of our children.  AND THE LUMINEERS ROCKED!!!!!!  i'm not sure i've ever felt happier, listening to this amazing band, next to my husband, my youngest alseep in my arms, my oldest curled up next to us.  i think i shed a tear.  shhhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody.
cheese puffy snacks while we waited

lots of funny faces and laughing

no rain here!  gorgeous sunset

on stage!  these guys are awesome live and we loved their new music

the full moon coming out of the clouds what a night!


Gayle Berens said...

Ho Hey! What fun! I hope the boys sang along in their sweet little voices.

erbeck family said...

they did! we all stoop up and danced. it truly was an awesome show