Tuesday, October 22, 2013


true is learning the value of setting a goal, devising a plan to achieve the goal, executing the plan, and achieving the goal.  his goal: run 40 laps in the jogathon.  his plan: train as often as possible, running laps, running sprints. his execution: running as often as he could!  his achievement: 43 laps!
it goes without saying that we were so proud.  near the end, when true was showing signs of wearing out, he pushed through the pain and kept running.  there was NO way this kid was not going to achieve that goal.  this ambition and drive will serve him well in life.
getting stoked for the start with dad and finn!

first lap and great form!

a little encouragement from a lap with dad

luca was there to high five and cheer his brother!

done and really proud of his hard work!


heidi said...

Way to go, True !!!

Gayle Berens said...

True is my hero! He looks really tired in the last photo. I hope he slept well that night.