Tuesday, September 3, 2013

yurt camping 2013

no labor day weekend is complete without some quality time with close friends and a whole campground full of kids.  we had so much fun...every year is better than the last.  we eat camp food, have bonfires,  ride mountain bikes, fish,  explore!
this year was ultra rad because the keelings joined us. i love my time with the keeling kids (their parents too!).

from top to bottom, left to right: david jr, ethan, true, harrison, finn, luca, emmett, adeline, betsy, magnolia, gus, bo, dolly, odessa, ruben, jaxon, georgia (charlie, not pictured...he refused)
and here is true....top of the climb up to the mountain bike trails.  he's pretty stoked on mountain biking, which makes his mom and dad pretty happy!

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