Monday, September 9, 2013

monte cristo

in the 1890's,  monte cristo was a flourishing mining town located off  of what is now called the mountain loop highway.  the small town has long been abandoned,  and what is left provides some good kid entertainment at the end of a 4 mile hike.  aaron decided the kids were ready for the round trip  (8 miles)...and off we went.  the family dropped me off in granite falls, so that i could ride to the trail head and meet up with them on their return trip.  the ride was beautiful, and i enjoyed the solitude.
when i got to the car, i grabbed flip flops and continued my ride onto the trail- much of it which is passable by bike.  i had to hike a few sections, including the river crossing on a log.  but it was a great adventure for me, and when i finally caught up with them, it was easy to see that it was a great adventure for the boys too.  it's so much fun to be sharing our love of the outdoors with our kids.


heidi said...

Looks like a great time ! Nice shots, too. We're totally checking this place out now.

james said...

How fun to be in the woods and NO MOSQUITOS!!!! Great pictures.

erbeck family said...

hey grandpa...the kids have at least 5 mosquito bites. mom has 2. aaron never gets any.